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Media News

HI FI NEWS, April 2004
The system is extremely articulate, stereo is open and focused over a wide listening area, but most of all the sound has a tactile quality. Plucked strings, the subtle action noises of a piano, and the breathing sounds of a singer are reproduced clearly and cleanly with no overt emphasis and not a hint of brightness.
(on combination of TD508 and 316SW)

After listening to the system, practically every other speaker package will sound slow and contrived. Bass especially is faster than any subwoofer around. The speed of transient attack makes this Lulét system sound like you have directly injected the sound from amp to ears....the speakers effectively disappear.

Following in the footsteps of the TD512 near-field monitors and the TD508 desktop monitor, the new TD307 provides the same phase and impulse signal integrity as its larger siblings and delivers unparalleled signal integrity for smaller-scale applications. Unobtrusive high-end music for small rooms.

These loudspeakers are fantastic.The imaging is probably the best I've ever heard and could only be improved by actually being there...even the price is right. Folks, these speakers are a bargain and you owe it to yourselves to buy them. Give them a listen and I doubt if you'll accept any substitutes.

HOME CINEMA, January 2004
A system with moderate maximum volume capabilities, but a surprisingly clean and extremely well integrated, though only modestly extended bass. Dialogue is always easy to follow and the overall effect is genuinely relaxing and transparent. The unusual resolving power of the ECLIPSE Lulét system is achieved without being bright or edgy.

Baby Egg breaks the financial yoke ...
Eclipsing the Competition

What is not in dispute is the performance offered by the unique design; the effort that has gone into eliminating cabinet resonance making for a widely celebrated and sought-after acoustic character. Those seeking fronts to handle both movies and music within a comparatively small setting could therefore find the 'baby egg' to be the missing ingredient to their systems.

HI FI CHOICE, November 2003
The system sounds fairly lean and dry, and a little coloured. Musical articulation is especially effective, and the result is a heightened feeling of musical performance ... Imagery is the closest thing to audio holography ... there is very clear differentiation in the depth plane, and lateral imaging is precisely handled, even for off-axis listening. (ECLIPSE TD Lulét, 307/307PA and 316SW)

INSIDE HI-FI & A/V, October 2003
This year, the company unveiled its 5.1/6.1 Home Theatre Package, the funky little Lulét 307 which comes complete with the 'fastest sub-woofer in the market'. Not only is it good looking, but it really is that fast. The ECLIPSE TD product range is impressive in many ways. ECLIPSE TD's time has finally arrived.

T3, October 2003
Behold ECLIPSE's funky pod speakers and sharp-looking subwoofer. The speakers rock out 24W and look sexier than Kelly Brook on a winter's day. The sharp-looking sub is rock solid, and pumps out enough bass to handle the most pretentious experimental jazz. The curvaceous speakers are design classics, and the gutsy sub will rock the joint.

WHAT HI-FI? Ultimate Guide Hi-Fi, September 2003
Positioned properly, these speakers are among the best we've ever tested for stereo imaging. Timing is superb, too: not just the everyday drum-machine type, but the subtle kind that makes John Coltrane's jazz more accessible. For all their strange style, these speakers work sonic wonders. Legendary record producer and ambient pioneer Brian Eno swears by them.

ZERO, September 2003
Because the egg-shaped enclosures have no flat edges, they minimise resonance. From the moment I turned them on I was in love, the sound cascading round the room, reaching every nook and cranny with bass and treble. It felt as though I was lucky enough to be getting one-on-one performance in my own home.

HAPPY WEB, March 2003
A Hi-fi system from another planet
Really from a superior class, this ECLIPSE 508PA monitor system has youth appeal and is good for small-size rooms.

MUSIC TECH magazine, April 2003
When listening to Kate Bush, the presence of her vocal was such that you could almost tell what she'd had for breakfast. Strings too were unmolested in a fight to be heard. Instead, the mix had become an orderly assembly with all the players given respectful position in the soundscape.

T3, March 2003
EGGTASTIC ...Great-looking and Great-sounding speakers for your MAC. The PA 508s are already available in funky blue finish, but this new silver colour has been added to the range to appeal to Mac owners looking for a high-end speaker system for their G4 desktop machines.

HI FI WORLD, March 2003
Incredibly natural instrumental timbre, a fine sense of depth and space and spot on timing are bread and butter for these speakers. And as for detail, you'll get key fingering on the sax and a realistic presentation of breathing into the instrument. It's all quite gobsmacking.

HOME CINEMA, January 2003
While not an immediately obvious choice for home cinema, the TD508PA could prove an interesting proposition for those who like to experiment with various arrangements of kit; the effort has gone into eliminating cabinet resonance making for a widely celebrated and sought after acoustic character.

DIGITAL HOME, January 2003
Despite the fact that it's been designed as a desktop or small room monitor, the TD 508PA delivers an incredible audio performance. Its stereo imaging is incredible, the speakers creating a musical space between them that's as realistic as it is breathtaking.

T3, Christmas 2002
With just a single drive unit mounted in the ported, egg-shaped pod, the 508's provide plenty of smooth, powerful bass. They sound great in a hi-fi set up, supported, ideally, on a decent pair of stands. But they also sound quite superb when connected to a top-end PC or Mac sound card. ... A smashing pair of speakers and a great little amp.

STUFF, December 2002
The 508's are aimed at those with a smaller listening room or desktop monitors for pro musos. The sound they provide is exceptional, with some of the best stereo imaging in the industry. They look great. Sit down, kick back and enjoy.

T3, November 2002, supplement on Hi-Fi
The TD512's bring you closer to the music than at first seems possible - they're remarkably transparent, employing a 'back to basics' Time Domain principle that is excellent at replicating the original sound image. Other design touches for sonic purity include a single drive unit, mounted on a central spine, to further dispel any bad vibes.

STUFF, November 2002
ECLIPSE doesn't travel the conventional route when it comes to sonic constructions. The egg-shaped shell is made from marble-loaded resin, the weight and solidity of which gives you the clearest reproduction possible. Other design touches for sonic purity include a single drive unit, mounted on a central spine, to further dispel any bad vibes.

THE INDEPENDENT, 16 November 2002
A sound system that will turn heads, the ECLIPSE amplifier and egg-shaped speakers look and sound great ... Where other speakers vibrate in order to modify the output, these eggs are made from a very rigid, mineral-loaded resin cabinet to deliver a pure sound. An audiophile's (and a stylist's) dream. (508PA)

HI-FI NEWS, July 2002
Stereo imagery is nothing less than superb, in fact the best I have ever heard from any loudspeaker, irrespective of technology or size. I have never known a loudspeaker capable of conjuring up the presence of a performance happening in the space around the loudspeakers in such a tactile way...indeed

HI FI CHOICE, June 2002
One of the most unconventional and intriguing hi-fl systems you’re ever likely to clap eyes on. What this system does supremely well is sound musically coherent. It doesn’t go particularly loud, it isn’t a crowd pleaser. But it tells it like it is, without smear, blur or exaggeration. Rarely is so much sheer detail so easy to listen to.

HI FI WORLD, June 2002
The makers talk transparency, transparency, transparency. The unusually configured, egg-shaped cabs are said to let you experience recordings free of phase distortion and time delay. The 508's have a very distinctive sound which undeniably meets the design objectives. They start and stop incredibly fast and are so light, lithe, tight taut and sprightly.

WHAT HI-FI? June 2002
Magic? Yes, place the 512's wide apart, angle-in sharply and the stereo imaging is phenomenal. Image focus is as good as we've heard, with instruments locked into place, while the soundstage seems to extend beyond the room.

The ECLIPSEs were connected and the piano pieces of Morton Feldman, played by John Tilbury, were focusing the mind. Amazing, the sound is much more immediate ... superior levels of detail and a clean, clear delivery...you could hear the hair on the bow.

Simon Osborne, Grammy award winning mixer/engineer and currently recording and mixing with ECLIPSE -TD 512 Time Domain monitoring system: 'The stereo image is one of the best I've heard. Sound isn't localised to the speakers but appears evenly between them. They are very transparent and easy to listen to.'

ESQUIRE, June 2002
ECLIPSE's TD 512 audio system isn't just a pair of unusual-looking speakers. It also includes its own perfectly balanced amplifier. Power output equates to a very respectable 60 watts and the 12cm Kevlar cones are durable enough to provide years of service.

They sound so different from conventional box speakers ... and there's a glorious openness and precision about the way these speakers make music allied to excellent sound staging and imaging ... with a stunning sense of depth, dimension and space to the sound.

WHAT HI-FI? May 2002
..These speakers are among the best we've tested for stereo imaging, Timing is superb too, not just the everyday drum-machine type, but the subtle kind that makes John Coltrane's jazz more accessible. Verdict: Give it a chance and it will stun you with its all-round talent.

T3, March 2002
ECLIPSE has been brave in putting this system together, and it's a remarkable achievement. It has thrown out a bunch of proven principles, such as multiple drivers to replicate a broader audio spectrum, and created a set of speakers and an amplifier that gets you to the heart of your music.

STUFF, March 2002
These extraordinary speakers offer immense dynamics and they deliver music and movies with awesome power. Each one looks more like a jet engine than a traditional speaker but if pioneering producer and ambient slaphead Brian Eno swears by them, we ain't arguing.

MAXIME, March 2002
On the drawing boards of the world's designers, the rules of home technology are being twisted, bevelled, rounded and otherwise smoothed off. Invest in these beauties and you'll be at the cutting edge of technology. Apparently the curves reduce resonance and increase the sound quality. They also look nice.

HI FI NEWS, March 2002
The ECLIPSE TD512 has an unfeasibly wide dynamic range; instrumental and vocal detail is astonishingly refined and detailed, and image focus is pin-sharp. In short, what we have here is nothing less than a latter day classic, a visually stunning package with original design priorities.

PRO SOUND NEWS, February 2002
ECLIPSE TD monitors are designed and engineered from the principle that the primary means to accurately reproduce an audio signal is to maintain the impulse and phase characteristics of the original source. The ECLIPSE TD 512 achieves almost perfect reproduction of an impulse signal by virtue of the enclosure introducing no signal characteristic to the signal being reproduced.

The egg-shaped housing and drive unit mounted on an integrated stand eliminate unwanted vibrations. Muso Brian Eno says of the ECLIPSE: "What impressed me more than anything was how tight the bass was and how absolutely accurate it seemed." You can't get a better recommendation than that.'

Biography and interview with Hirohi Kato and details on Fujitsu Ten limited.

AUDIO MEDIA, November 2001
'Fujitsu Ten has launched a loudspeaker that it claims will provide an absolutely true listening experience, with the speaker itself adding absolutely no colouring to the sound. Intended for use in a wide range of studio applications, the monitors have already been used by a number of high profile users, including Sphere Studios and Brian Eno.'

T3, November 2001
These ovoid delights yet again show off the attraction of curves on a speaker. The ECLIPSE system is popping up in top recording studios around the country. In fact, producer and ambient space cadet Brian Eno (of Roxy Music fame) has decked his personal studio out with the TD 512 Monitor Speakers because of their amazingly clean, accurate sound.

PRO SOUND NEWS, November 2001
In use at Brian Eno’s own studio, he says of the TD512, "I like the fact that this is a beautiful shape and that it looks like something from the 21st century. The ECLIPSE speakers are very accurate in getting close to the real sound image and the actual positioning of each instrument."
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