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The Eclipse 5.1ch system was awarded a "Four Star" rating in WHAT HI-FI? magazine's MULTICHANNEL SPEAKER PACKAGE (Dec.2004).

"The lovingly finished, tiny enclosures produce a rigorously focused and poised sound"
"The 316 sub fills in the real low-end stuff with alacrity. It's a speedy, weighty device"
"The whole package integrates extremely well and makes every other system at the price sound vaguely bloated and lethargic."

The Eclipse A502 was awarded a "Five Star" rating in WHAT HI-FI? magazine's Supertest on stereo amplifiers (No.340, Oct. 2004). The first Japanese high end stereo amplifier to receive this rating within this price range!

"this amplifier is one of the best options available in this price range."
"a stunning amplifier"
"serves up complete access to recorded music in a splendidly even-handed manner."
"Eclipse's presentation breathes new life into those recordings you've heard a million times before ... will have you reaching for song after song in order to hear them afresh."
"and it looks like nothing else. Madness or genius - it depends on your outlook."

"Five Star" awards to our 307, 512 and 508 in the United Kingdom; the home of professional audio equipment!

"Home Cinema Choice"(Dec. 2003 issue), one of Britain's quality Hi-Fi magazines, awarded "Five Stars" to our [307] 5.1 channel package. Under the title of 'Total Eclipse' this issue carried two colour page feature articles explaining that the release of the 307 Lulét 5.1 Surround System was causing something of a stir in the UK's home cinema arena.

ECLIPSE TD has won many awards in Japan, amongst which are:

"Hi-Vi Winter Best Buy"(Stereo Sound)
307TH ------ Third prize in the speaker category 6(multi channel package)

"Exquisite Audio Products Award"(Ongen Publising)
307PA ------ Award in small speaker category
316SW ------Award in accessory products category

"Visual Grand Prix 2004(Ongen Publising)
307TH ------ Award for 5.1 speaker system
316SW ------ Award in sub woofer category

"MJ Technology of The Year(MJ Musen & Jikken)
307TH ------ Category Award

"Five Star" award in "WHAT Hi-Fi" magazine!

ECLIPSE TD was given "Five Stars" in the highest price range category in "WHAT Hi-Fi" magazine which boasts its place as the highest authority in the United Kingdom's professional audio equipments media. (This was the first time ever for a Japanese speaker brand!) Another authoritative UK Hi-Fi audio magazine, "Hi-Fi News", awarded our 512 model 2nd prize in "Loudspeaker £1,000 - £3,000 category". The 508PA got another "Five Stars" from "T3", a popular life-style magazine.
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