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Ashley Slater Ashley Slater (U.K)
<Trombonist, Composer, Producer>
"I loved ECLIPSE TD 512 speakers, the music floats out absolutely effortlessly. It seems quite weightless, but fully colored. When I had to go back to my boxes, it hurt to hear the sound struggling to get out of them."
Model in use : 512

Brian Eno Brian Eno (U.K)
<Artist, Musician, Composer and Grammy Award winning Producer>
"ECLIPSE TD speakers are very accurate in getting close to the real sound image and the actual positioning of each instrument."
Model in use : 512

John Williams John Williams (U.K)
"The most natural and clear sound I have heard. The best solution for amplifying my guitar without loosing its original quality and delicate tone. I find these speakers ideal for my solo performances."
Model in use : 512, 508

Klaus Hiemann Klaus Hiemann (Germany)
<Balance Engineer and 2002 Grammy nominated for best opera recording, best choral recording and best orchestral recordings. MIDEM Cannes Classical Award for Lifetime Achievement>
"These speakers are not "one of the best" nearfield monitors I ever listened to, but probably "the best"."
Model in use : 512

Michel Brecker Michel Brecker (U.S.A)
<Jazz Saxophonist>
"ECLIPSE TD 512s provide all the attributes I look for in speakers: sensitivity; a great middle register; articulation; transparency; it's crisp without being harsh and has warmth without muddiness."
Model in use : 512

Randy Brecker Randy Brecker (U.S.A)
<Jazz Trumpeter>
"I liked the warmth and full spectrum quality of the sound. Plus they really look TOO COOL!"
Model in use : 512

Simon Osborne Simon Osborne (U.K)
<Grammy Award winning mixer & engineer of Sting’s "Brand New Day">
"These speakers sound as fantastic as they look. The stereo image is one of the best I have heard."
Model in use : 512

Stephan Haack Stephan Haack (Germany)
<Cellist (Munich Philharmonic Orchestra)>
Model in use : 512

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