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Design theory carries through to amplifier construction

Accurate Original Sound Reproduction in a Dedicated Amplifier for the 512

In order to achieve exact reproduction of original sound and to maximize the performance of our 512 model, a power amplifier is needed that is focused upon the accurate replication of audio waveforms through the implementation of time domain theory. Once the exact reproduction of original sound has been achieved, no further changes to amplifier configuration are necessary. The only mission of an amplifier is to amplify the output without distorting the input signal.

Unique Creativity Hidden Within a Simple Structure

Whereas many amplifiers possess an enormous amount of output power, the A502 requires a mere 30W + 30W. This is the amount of power needed to extract peak performance from a speaker. With the unique shapes and installation mechanisms that are utilized in both our components and PC boards, the A502 has a simple structure without tone controls and equalizers that would disturb its outstanding phase characteristics. A conical shape has been chosen for the main body, in order to prevent the occurrence of resonance and the standing waves that are commonly generated by sound pressure. The same design concepts required for exact sound waveform reproduction in our speakers are used in the construction of our amplifiers.

Excellent Design as a Part of the Interior

The A502 is compatible with many audio playback devices. It amplifies the music signals reproduced by other audio players, from portable units to component systems, without waveform alteration. It then transmits the amplified signal to the speakers. If these signals are played back through our 512 speakers, peak accuracy of sound waveform reproduction will be achieved. Superb sound quality has been taken into account in its design. The light blue illumination that reflects faintly from the volume knob provides the user with a chic atmosphere.


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