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High Speed subwoofer reaching the depths of emotion

Time Domain Theory - A Subwoofer Solution That Can Express Even Subtle Audio Variations

A subwoofer is a speaker component essential to multi-channel audio and home theatre systems. However, the larger the diameter of the diaphragm, the blurrier the bass sound, resulting in a loss of transient response. In order to clearly express the full range of emotions underlying the performance of a musician we must free our minds from the concepts of power and volume, and demand the exact replication of the audio waveform. For users who desire a sense of high speed responsiveness, even in low bass sounds, this is the time domain subwoofer solution.

Completely Designed for High Speed

The 316SW subwoofer utilizes a lightweight, small diameter driver in order to provide outstanding transient response. The subwoofer has a passive road air pressure design and double voice coils to create high sound pressure, making it capable of extremely rapid diaphragm acceleration. Furthermore, the cavity design uses rigid aluminium die-casting which substantially reduces backpressure. The heteromorphic cylindrical body shape minimizes the production of resonance and standing waves. The remarkable high-speed 316SW has been designed with a technology that matches its beauty.

High Performance that Allows for Expansion

The 316SW is a perfect match to the Lulét's dedicated amplifier, and comes equipped with a high-pass filter. This combination can be used to create a 2.1 channel audio system comparable in quality to the high-end models. In addition, the 316SW has a built-in RCA input, allowing it to be connected to your existing AV amplifier. If our 316SW is combined with the 508 speakers into a multi-channel audio system, we guarantee that the spatial sound field reproduction and high-speed bass tones will change your perspective on audio.


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