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Lulet - Chic and stylish

Simple and Modern Lifestyle Design with Max Value Achieved by Mini System

If you want to experience true, high fidelity sound, our palm-sized ECLIPSE speaker unit is for you. It utilizes the technology used in our high-end models, resulting in performance that is out of proportion to its size. The ECLIPSE has unbelievably high sound quality for a mini audio system, combined with a sophisticated design that complements any interior. The accompanying 316SW subwoofer enables the audio system to accommodate multi-channel 2.1 or 5.1 systems, thus expanding the potential for pure audio.

Enhanced Product Line-up Transports You to a Higher Musical Level

The Lulét line-up includes a dedicated amplifier, stand-alone speakers, 5.1 channel package, subwoofer and dedicated stand. You can choose your favourite colour from white, silver or black. A tripod stand with screw holes is provided with the Lulét, enabling the system to be installed onto a wall or ceiling. In addition, the main body can be moved horizontally around 360° and tilted up to 30° from front to back. These features significantly increase the degree of freedom for installation.

Its Flexibility Brings a New Surprise

As with our other models, the Lulét is fully compatible with other audio equipment. It can easily be connected to MD/CD/HDD portable audio devices, mini-computers, TV sets or PCs. The Lulét will fill your living room with amazingly high quality music. Its dedicated amplifier is equipped with a subwoofer output. Despite its compact size, the 2.1 channel system, together with the 316SW, demonstrates a sound quality equivalent to that of high-end models.


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