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Blending well with your interior design to spice up your lifestyle and imagination


The pleasure of music is not limited to the audiophile. We invite everyone to enjoy high quality sound experience with the easy connection of our speakers to your existing portable music player, PC or TV. Enjoy your favourite music and let your imagination run free. You can then allow the music to blend into your living space and reach a higher level of lifestyle refinement. The sound quality will open the door to your imagination.

Accurate Waveform Performance Derived from the 512

The technology used to accurately reproduce audio waveforms in our 508 speaker is exactly the same as that used in our 512. The single, compact 8 cm diameter driver produces unimaginable dynamic sound for its small size. The 508 can be used either stand-alone, or as a speaker set with dedicated amplifier. They are available in dark blue and silver. The D3 / D3WH dedicated stand provides unique vibration suppression that supports tight, low bass.

From Stereo to Multi-Channel

Placed on your desktop or bedside, and providing high quality music, these speakers will greatly improve your audio experience. If our 508 model is combined with our 316SW subwoofer, it will maximize the appeal of multi-channel media. You will be impressed by the realistic sound produced by the 508 model in a home theatre setting, an experience that cannot be matched in any movie theatre. You will experience music as you have never experienced it before.


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