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Highly praised by professionals ECLIPSE flagship model

The Pursuit of True Hi-Fidelity

Every audiophile is searching for truly original sound. However, the harsh truth is that each speaker produces its own particular type of sound which acts as a barrier to the tonality of the musical instruments contained within the sound source, as well as to the skills and emotions of the artist. In order to reproduce the original sound without degrading the artistic characteristics, true Hi-Fidelity audio reproduction must be achieved. This dream has now been realized through our implementation of "time domain theory" audio design. Our flagship 512 speakers possess a unique combination of advanced structure and new technology, derived from the concept of reproducing audio waveforms as exactly as possible, and using the impulse response as a new measure of acoustic accuracy.

The Optimal Balance for Achieving Accurate Waveform Reproduction

A single driver with a diameter of 12 cm is the optimal size to use for the accurate reproduction of music waveforms. Its small size permits it to provide an excellent impulse response which facilitates accurate replication of audio waveforms. This is not achieved with conventional speakers that employ large-diameter speakers designed to accommodate a wider frequency range or a higher power output. This exact waveform reproduction provides outstanding phase response characteristics for sound point sources, enabling sharp sound image localization and allowing for natural sound expansion. The natural-sounding highs and powerful low range provide a combination of tight, crisp audio.

From the Beginner to the Audiophile

Not only have we achieved accurate waveform reproduction with the speaker, but our A502 dedicated amplifier uses a design concept whereby the music signal is not subject to modification. Our D1 and D2 audio stand systems are complete vibration suppression structures. Once our 512 is connected to your existing audio system, the full extent of its performance will become apparent. The overwhelming spatial sound field reproduction achieved with accurate waveform replication will expand the audio potential of your system even if it is multi-channel.


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