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Do you prefer speakers
or original sound?

Reproducing the truthful "Expression of the Artist" without change and beyond space and time. This is the concept behind the design of ECLIPSE.

Although the history of speaker evolution is the history of an attempt to reproduce original sound, this has been negatively affected by the emphasis given to creating sounds that emphasise both the lows and the highs. In so doing important aspects of the original sound have been lost due to the increased output and specific design of the speakers themselves. The only way to create a sense of unity between the artist and the listener, beyond the impediments of both space and time, is through an exact reproduction of the sound field, so as to present a live performance in your living room.

ECLIPSE places the highest priority on the natural healing powers derived from the sound of live musical instruments and the artistry of the performer's skill.

Stradivarius, Bösendorfer, Steinway - all of these superb musical instruments, long admired by the true artist, have individual and distinctive tonalities, with instantly recognisable qualities. These tonalities penetrate to the depths of our souls, and in tandem with the skill of the performer, become refined into the art of sound. We understand that such "original sound" is the expression of art itself, and thus we strive to convey both the original sound and the artistry of the performer as exactly as possible; from the crisp, refreshing feel and natural healing power of the live sound, to the skill and emotion expressed by the artist during the performance.

The true value of ECLIPSE rests in its ability to exactly reproduce a spatial sound field.

Reproducing the exact audio waveforms by completely eliminating undesired resonance from within the speaker itself necessitates the reproduction of the exact spatial audio information contained within the original sound source. Our aim is to exactly reproduce the original spatial sound field. Pure audio recordings, such as SACD and DVD-AUDIO, have entered a transition period toward playback using multi-channel systems and spatial sound field reproduction. Ever greater accuracy is being demanded, not only for music, but also for home theatre systems. In the midst of this transition, we believe that the true value of the ECLIPSE lies in its ability to maximize the accuracy of the spatial sound reproduction through the exact replication of the original audio waveform.

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